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What are ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces are the least visible fixed braces that are fitted to the outside of the teeth. They are made from ceramic materials which blend in with the colour of your natural teeth and are less noticeable. Ceramic brackets are renowned to provide effective straightening of your teeth.

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What are Clarity ceramic braces?

Clarity braces are produced by 3M, and are the only ceramic brackets with a metal slot which allows the orthodontist to move the teeth as efficiently as conventional braces. With this metal slot, Clarity brackets reduce the frictional force between teeth and eases movement, resulting in a quicker straightening of teeth.

How do you fit Clarity ceramic braces?

It takes one visit to fit the braces.

  • A -Your teeth are cleaned and then prepared by placing a clear liquid on the teeth, similar to painting your fingernails.
  • B – The brackets are directly placed onto the teeth.
  • C – The brackets are set with a light.
  • D – The wire is then inserted along the brackets.

The whole procedure takes around 20 minutes and you are able to continue with your normal routines immediately.

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